1 Chronicles 20

Victory Over Ammonites and Philistines

Battle with Ammonites was originally recorded in 2 Sam 11:1, and the battle with the Philistines was originally recorded in 2 Sam 21:15-22.

v1: Rabbah is the main city for the Ammonites, it is present day Amman in Jordan.

v1: [David remained in Jerusalem…] Joab went to war against Ammonites, but David stays in Jerusalem. It was at that time that David committed adultery and mulder (2 Sam 11)

v1: This is one of the main different between Chronicles and Samuel. Chronicles omitted David’s sins, and consequences of his sins, which is the rebellion of Absalom (2 Sam 13).

v3: [Iron picks]. The Israel already knew how to make tools with iron.


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