Isaiah 59


Sins are referred 32 times in this chapter. Many words are used to describe sins: iniquities, sins, defiled with blood, lies, wicked things (v3), give birth to evil (v4), eggs of vipers , spider’s web (v5), etc. Idols worship is no longer mentioned in this chapter, but the Jews continued to live a sinful life.

But eventually the Jews confessed their sins (v9-15).

The Redeemer, with His helmet of salvation and His mighty arm will save the Israel. At the same time, His righteous breastplate and His garment of vengeance (v17) to repay wrath to His enemies.

It is interesting to compare v17 and Eph 5. Paul may have use v17 as his reference when writing Ephesian 5

v21 mentioned the Spirit of God is on Israel.


  1. v1-8: Isaiah condemns the sins of Israel
  2. v9-15: Israel confesses her sins
  3. v16-21: The Redeemer’s arm would work salvation for Israel



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