Jeremiah 36

Response to the Word of the LORD

In chapter 36, we see that the word of the LORD was spread to many people. First the LORD spoke to Jeremiah, Jeremiah in turned dictate to Baruch to record them. Baruch read the word out loud in the upper courtyard of the temple and Micaiah heard it. Micaiah told the officials, and Baruch was called to reach the word to the officials. The officials sent Jehudi to read the word to king Jehokim.

Notice each person responded to the word of the LORD differently. The desire of the LORD was for His people to heard and repent (v3). The highlight of the chapter was when the king heard it. He cut the scrolls in pieces and burn them.

Of course the word of the LORD cannot be burned. His word lives forever. Jeremiah dictate the word again to Baruch, and Baruch wrote word on the scroll again.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, when you heard the word of the LORD, what is your response?


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