Job 25


This is Bildad third and last speech. This is the shortest speech in Job, it seems he has came to a stalemate.

  1. v1-3: Bildad talks about the power of God. God is in reign of this world. God has the forces of army in heavens that no one can numbered. God is light, can He can choose to shine on anyone. Bildad has pretty good understanding of God’s power.
  2. v4-6: Bildad talks about there is no righteous man before God. Even the moon and starts are not perfect in God’s eyes, how much less are men, who are but maggots.

Previously Bildad accused Job of sinning, and thus God punished him with the tragedy that he deserved. Since he was not able to convince Job, now he is saying there is no righteous man before God. We can almost here Bildad telling Job: “stop saying that you have no sins, no one of us can claim to be a righteous man before God almighty.”


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