Romans 1 – The Power of The Gospel

  1. Book of Romans is a book about God’s Gospel (v1)
  2. Gospel is God’s promise within the Bible (v2)
  3. Gospel is about God’s son (v3)
    1. Became flesh
    2. Resurrection
  4. Gospel concerns service (v9)
    1. Serve with a whole heart
  5. We all owe a debt to the Gospel (v14)
    1. Owe debt to Gospel
    2. Attitude when spreading the Gospel
  6. Gospel is our salvation (v16)
    1. Called to belong to Christ (v6)
      1. Life->Children of God- Calling->servants
      2. New position
    2. Faith(v5, v16,v12,v17)
      1. Righteousness by faith
      2. Salvation by faith
    3. Called to be saints (v7)
      1. Set apart for his use
    4. Christ’s servant (v1)
      1. Call Jesus Lord, so we are servant
    5. Called to spread Gospel (v1)
      1. Jesus commands us to do so
    6. Receive spiritual gift’s/receive duty (v11, v5)
      1. God’s work, He is responsible
    7. Bearing fruits among the nations (v13-14)
  7. Gospel reveals God’s righteousness (v17)


Power of Gospel

    • (1:20) Creation  – From nothing into everything
    • (1:4) Resurrection – From weak to strong
    • (1:16) Salvation  – From sinners to righteousness


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